Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Figuring out flights and travel plans has been so stressful. When we originally started planning everything, we thought I'd be done with the transfer by now. Here we are, and my (original) flight home is scheduled for tomorrow, and my transfer is not until 7.14.16! I have decided I will go home for a week, and then come back for my next lining check (on 7.9.16). Unfortunately, this means I will be missing a good friend's wedding. :(

I will come back, do the lining check, and then the transfer 5 days later. After that, I begin the two week wait (2ww) for my first pregnancy test (7.26.16). Last night while lying in bed (not sleeping), I started thinking about things I could do to help with the transfer. I read different things about eating pineapple core, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and doing acupuncture. I had completely forgotten about acupuncture, but there seem to be a lot of people who have done it during their cycles. I reached out to a couple local clinics and got a call back from the clinic that happens to be in the same building as my IVF clinic. They offered a package with a consultation/treatment, plus treatments pre- and post-transfer. I was able to schedule the consult for today (right after a much-needed massage). 

The massage I had (although shorter than expected) was just what I needed--I fell asleep on the table as soon as I flipped onto my stomach! After that, I drove to the acupuncture clinic and met with the acupuncturist. She spent some time going over my intake paperwork, asking me questions about my health and our fertility procedures, and then she brought me to the room where we got started. I don't know exactly how many needles she used, but I know she put some in my scalp, forehead, hands, abdomen, and feet. After that, she covered my eyes with a mask, and told me to rest for 30 minutes. Again, I fell asleep! I didn't even realize that the needles were still in my extremities until I moved my hand. 

While I don't typically practice holistic medicine (except for chiropractic), and I don't know how that acupuncture will really help with the FET, I do know that after the procedure, I felt extremely relaxed. That in itself, I feel, could help improve the chances of implantation since it's so important for you to be rested and relaxed. Some studies have shown that "when used in conduction with Western fertility treatments, acupuncture increases conception rates by 26%" (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, 2015). While I don't know how true that is, "in fairness...acupuncture is not harmful and most of those so treated swear by it. For the nay-sayers, what can be said with certainty is that at the very least acupuncture has a 'feel good' aspect to it and in most, evokes a psychological benefit that should not be discounted" (Sher Fertility, 2016). My thoughts are that although there may not be much scientific proof of acupuncture increasing implantation rates, it's not going to hurt anything, so if you can afford it, why not give it a shot? I plan to go in for (same day) procedures before and after the transfer.

Right now, I'm all packed and ready to head back home for a week. The only thing I have to worry about while there is giving myself two IM injections. Other than that, I plan to RELAX!

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