Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 7

Yesterday was Day 7. In the morning, I received an email from my nurse stating that the remaining embryos did not make any changes overnight and the culture was terminated. :( The total number of embryos that we biopsied and froze for PGS was 4. I am disappointed with the number we ended up with. I had planned for attrition, but did not expect it to be so quick! I was hoping for at least 5 or 6 blasts, but given that we only had 2 on Day 5, I am thankful for the 2 more we got on Day 6. My nurse also told me that she has moved to a different position within the clinic and I will be working with a new nurse.

I am supposed to start birth control again tomorrow, Friday, 6.10.16, and will take it for 18 days. The PGS biopsies are supposed to go out by tomorrow and the results should come back within 2 weeks. At that time we will discuss the date for the embryo transfer. 

The 4 frozen embryos are graded AA, which is great. Although clinics often grade their embryos differently, an AA grade generally means that the inner cell mass quality is good (many cells, tightly packed) and that the trophectoderm quality is also good (many cells, forming a cohesive layer). They didn't give me a grade for the expansion (usually a number from 1-6).

Everyone always talks about the 2 week wait (2ww) for after implantation, but for me, the 2ww starts with waiting for PGS results!

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