Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 8 of Stims

Stims: Day 8 - 4th morning of Cetrotide (25 mg)
7 nights of Gonal-f (175-150 IU) & Menopur (75-150 IU)
Today is my 8th day of injections. The veins in my arms are a little bruised so blood draws are a bit harder for the phlebotomists. During the u/s, the sonographer found 10 follicles in my left ovary and 14 in my right. She said that I could expect to make appointments for every day this weekend. I keep forgetting that the fertility clinic is open 24/7, because the doctors, nurses, sonographers, etc. need to be ready at any point in time to retrieve eggs and implant embryos! Reminds me of when I worked at an emergency vet hospital all during grad. school. Memorial Day is Monday, and they don't get the day off.

I didn't get a call from my nurse this afternoon so I called the after-hours number and the nurse on-call called me back to tell me that the doctor wants me to decrease the Gonal-f dosage from 150 IU to 125 IU, and to keep the Menopur and Cetrotide doses as is. I have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning (Saturday).

David comes tomorrow night, so I am excited. It's been lonely and difficult not having him here, and I know he's been bored at home by himself so hopefully this will make things a little easier. David coming means that the egg retrieval is right around the corner! We don't have the date set yet, but it should be some time next week!

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