Friday, July 15, 2016

The Transfer

I had my transfer yesterday! My mom and I left the house at around 9:30am, and got to the clinic a little early. I went in for my pre-FET acupuncture appointment at 10:45am. The acupuncture points were a little different than last time. They were on different parts of my limbs and included my inner wrists. After my appointment, my mom and I went to lunch at Panera before I had to empty my bladder and start drinking 20 oz. of water. By this time, I had not gotten a call in the morning saying anything went wrong with the embryo thaw, so I breathed a sigh of relief, assuming that the embryo thawed without complications.

Drinking the 20 oz. of water was no problem, but right before I was called back for my appointment (around 1:45pm) I started feeling the fullness in my bladder. Then my mom and I sat in the room waiting for awhile and it kept getting worse and worse. I should explain that I already have a teeny tiny bladder to begin with...20 oz. of water is a ridiculously large amount of liquid for my little bladder to hold! Before the doctor game in, I absolutely couldn't hold it any longer so I scrambled to put my shorts back on and ran out the door into the nurses about to come into the room! They told me I could relieve myself for a (very fast) count to 10. I counted to 5 and (surprisingly) was able to stop mid-stream. 

Our little embryo! The embryologist gave us the cutest little
card framing a photo of the little nugget!
I went back into the room and they came in to start the transfer. I'll be completely honest. The fullness in my bladder was so incredibly uncomfortable that I don't remember much of the procedure, except that the catheter going into the cervix felt like nothing compared to the U/S tech pressing the wand on my abdomen. The doctor tried to distract me by asking me about my students, and I tried to answer him as best as I can. He showed me my embryo on the screen before the procedure, and then I got to watch as the catheter was threaded through my cervix into the uterus, and then as the embryo was released! There was a clip on the monitor that they replayed several times so I was able to record it on my phone.

After the procedure (which probably didn't take more than 15 minutes total), the doctor told me to stay lying down for 5 minutes, during which a nurse would come in with discharge instructions. I was just about to get up to go to the bathroom (because I couldn't hold it any longer) when the nurse came I (begrudgingly) listened to her as she gave me the instructions. (I told my mom to listen closely since I wouldn't be able to pay much attention!)

After I was finished, I went to my post-FET acupuncture appointment. The points were similar to the first time, except the acupuncturist did not put them in my abdomen and concentrated the heat lamp on my feet (instead of abdomen). After my appointment, I was headed toward the bathroom and almost tripped on my feet. I didn't trip/fall, but just kind of stumbled a little and landed on my left foot harder than I would have liked. Of course I started freaking out because I was worried I dislodged the embryo or moved it or something. In the car on the drive home, I frantically called the office in a panic until a nurse finally got back to me and said the doctor said I would be fine. After we got home, I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in bed and lounging on the couch. 

Today I took it pretty easy too. I started getting some abdominal cramps during the late afternoon that started on the left side. I took a nap to sleep it off, and when I woke up the cramps had radiated toward the right side as well. I called the on-call nurse who said cramping is normal. She did say I could take Tylenol (not Advil) although it may not help much with cramping. It did seem to help a little though. Then after I ate dinner, I got heartburn. I spoke to another nurse (the one who did my first at-home IM injection for me) and she said I could take TUMS, Pepcid of Zantac as needed and that sometimes cramps and heartburn could be early signs of pregnancy! I don't want to get my hopes up, but that makes me feel a little better.

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